The Company

In 1998, Midwest Ag Finance was born as an alternative to larger financial institutions and their "one-size-fits-all" approach to business.  Amidst tremendous bank consolidation, Jerry Nickel saw a niche for a specialized agricultural finance company with local ties to its borrowers. He assembled a group of thirteen investors and founded Midwest Ag Finance (MAF) with three employees in November, 1998. At the time of consolidation with Beacon Credit Union, the company had over forty employees, including crop insurance agents, and offices all over Indiana.

BCU was started in 1931 as a group of Wabash County farmers banded together to form their own credit union to be sure they had a dependable source of ag credit.  Originally it was called the Wabash County Farm Bureau Credit Union.  Today BCU has 23 offices across northern Indiana and has the largest ag loan volume of any credit union in the country.

We value history, and that is why we chose the barn pictured to the right for our logo. This barn is from a time and place in which old-time values existed. In 1938 the barn was built to house award winning, Polled Shorthorn cattle at Lynnwood Farm in Carmel, Indiana. People from around the world came to Lynnwood Farm to purchase purebred livestock and, in later years, to observe leading-edge research. The commitment to personal service and quality work made Lynnwood Farm well-known in agriculture for over 50 years.

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