Crop Insurance: Revenue Protection (RP)*



  • Individualized, farm-specific, true risk management.
  • Covers bushel protection and price.
  • Replanting and prevented planting included.

Revenue Protection (RP) protects your farming operation against the effects of both low yields and unpredictable market swings in prices. It protects against natural weather-related perils (wind, hail, flood, tornado, & late plantings). The farmer elects the amount of average yield to insure with the Projected Price to establish the Revenue Guarantee. Because you are guaranteed a minimum level of income per acre, in periods of low market prices, a RP policy may pay an indemnity even when there is no yield loss. Levels of coverage available range from 50-85% and are based upon your average historical yields and market prices.


*Beacon Ag Services is an affiliate of Beacon Credit Union.