Crop Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions*

Did You Know?

  • You choose the counties and the crops to insure.
  • Except for hail insurance, crop insurance rates are established by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC).
  • Beacon Ag Services, an affiliate of Beacon Credit Union, offers very competitive hail rates.
  • You have the ability to insure only one crop. For example, you can insure all of your corn and not your soybeans.
  • You must report all of a crop within each county you elect to insure. For example, if you have a corn policy in a specified county, you must insure all of your corn in that county.
  • We will inform you of all policies available to you. The price per bushel is established from CBOT futures prices. Guarantees are based on your actual yields using a 4 year average, building to 10. You select the level of coverage that is best for your operation.
  • Your policy needs may change from year to year due to ever-changing circumstances.
  • Our agents are also actively involved in production agriculture.
  • Crop insurance costs the same no matter what agent you buy from.
  • If you are enrolled in the SURE program, be sure to let your crop insurance agent know.
  • We offer livestock insurance.
  • We use local adjusters.

Take time to get familiar with your crop insurance policy.
It could be the most important insurance policy you own.


*Beacon Ag Services is an affiliate of Beacon Credit Union.